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From a young age we are encouraged to nurture connections and friendships, to connect with those that are considered to be our “tribe”.  But do we really understand the importance of connecting with like-minded people? From our first day of school to the day we enter the work place, or when picking up your children from school, we as humans tend to search for belonging in everyday life. After all, it is human nature to want to connect with people. Whether it’s connecting with friends, a community or family, we form a tribe as we progress through life.

We, as women, tend to have a better understanding of the importance of connecting with people, forming relationships or bonds and nurturing them as we progress through the different stages of life. With that being said, finding your tribe is difficult, especially when it comes to finding a tribe that reflects our own values or values that are similar to our own while fulfilling the need for companionship.

 “A good friend is a connection to life — a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.” — Lois Wyse, Women Make the Best Friends: A Celebration.

Our tribe of ladies are the pillars on which we so often rely heavily on, laugh with, cry with, celebrate with, look to for advice and share stories of our families with. These are the ladies that we share deep conversations, about all walks of life, as women with. Our kids often become friends through these circles and create long lasting bonds for future generations. If you have the chance to keep these friendships from childhood right through to your silver years, you are far richer than you realise. Cherish these connections and make an effort to keep them alive as they can be vital to your spiritual and mental well-being.

women as good friends

In the modern world and especially with how things are currently, connecting with people can become challenging. The question is what are you doing to maintain those connections? There are endless ways to stay in-touch given the current technological advancements. From applications that connect us via interests, hobbies, location, age or careers etc. to Face Timing, WhatsApp video calls or even Zoom, there are so many fantastic ways to keep connected. If the business world can uphold such a high standard and full functionality using just a few of the above-mentioned apps and programs, keeping a close-knit tribe connected shouldn’t be a challenge.

With Woman’s Day just around the corner, we have taken some time to think of a few ways for you and your tribe to connect virtually – due to the restriction we face with the current events.

  • Ladies love having a good chat or a catch up with friends; why not arrange a virtual high tea via zoom. Have one of the ladies in your circle create a digital high tea invite and send it out to your group with the date, time, and the link for the zoom call. That way you all get to see each other, share a delightful slice of your favourite cake and a great cup of home brewed java. 
  • Create a WhatsApp group chat where you can do a quick check-in to see how everyone is doing and share a photo or meme or two. Truth be told laughter is the best medicine, it feeds the soul and lifts your spirits especially during these confusing times.
  • Send a virtual gift, either a voucher or an e-book that could help connect you and a friend.

Create a circle journal using one of our journals – set a time each week to catch up on what you have journaled and share your weekly experiences with those closest to you.

connect with downloadable apps

Downloadable APPs that you can use to connect with like-minded people and share ideas, hobbies, passions etc.

  • Meetup: Expand your social circle with Meetup It uses common interests and location to connect you to others, discover the things you love to do and people to do them with – both online and in person. IOS Download  Android Download
  • Friender: Friender is all about similar interests. Unlike profiles on other apps that focus only on the bio you write for yourself, Friender has users rate their interests in a bunch of activities. It is available for iPhone download only. IOS Download
  • Atleto: If you are on the hunt for a sport or workout buddy; Atleto is the app for you. It connects you with athletes that are interested in the same workouts/sports you are interested in. IOS Download  Android Download
  • HEY! VINA: Missing the days when you were surrounded by your huge group of girlfriends? Hey! Vina, an app made by women for women. IOS Download  Android Download
  • Mom Life: The app that connects you with other pregnant ladies from all over the world, chat with those who are in the same stage of pregnancy as you. IOS Download  Android Download

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