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Having honest and meaningful conversations is what enables us to find common ground and engage with each other despite having different perspectives. These kinds of conversations leave us feeling better understood, more appreciated, and teach us more about ourselves as well as others.

With what the world has gone through during the pandemic, many people are feeling alone in a crowd and this has led to so many mental health issues. People are feeling isolated and unable to speak to others.

We are proud to introduce Scenario Cards. These cards were developed for people who wish to have deeper conversations with the people they care about. The powerful questions and prompts they contain will invite you to pause and reflect while feeling safe. The time to be gentle is now.

The Benefits of Scenario Cards:
  • Unlock the Impossible:When you use your imagination, you open up a dream-like state of powerful possibility. You may interpret the past in a new way. You may notice something you haven’t noticed before. You may envision a future where your passions are fully expressed.
  • Improve your Relationships: Transform how you connect with those you care about the most. Get closer through conversations that gently express what each of you values and why.
  • Awaken what is of importance to you: The mission is to help humans grow closer to their calling through deeper conversations. Self-reflection is the pathway to finding your passion. You are already worthy of doing the work that you would love to do in the world and these cards will help you find it.
  • Practise Gratitude: Instead of achieving more, what if you felt gratitude for what you already have and gratitude for who you already are? From a place of gratitude, it becomes much easier to amplify what you love.
  • Plan Your Career: Find the spaciousness to reflect upon what you really love to do. If you found the courage to listen for — and answer — your calling, what would that work look and feel like?
Types of Scenario Cards

  • Your Self: Look inward and get to know yourself better. Inspired by 4 topics: Personality, Wisdom, Potential & Happiness.
  • Your Life: Reflect on your life and set intentions for the time to come. Inspired by 4 topics: Time, Introspection, Intention & Resilience.
  • Your World: Look out into your world and take on new adventures. Inspired by 4 topics: World, Role Models, Adventures & Imagination.

Say goodbye to small talk and enjoy better self-reflection. Scenario Cards can be used anywhere. Pull them out at a picnic, the dinner table, the beach or even the car. The possibilities are endless! For every pack purchased, a tree will be planted.

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