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Are you a Medical, Alternate Wellness or HSPCA Practitioner? Are you looking for a new, serene space for your business in the heart of Sandton?

Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about the various rooms available at Wellness on Alon.

Choosing a new space for your business can be an extremely difficult decision but we want to help you make that decision a whole lot easier…

Wellness on Alon is a fully functional Alternate and Medical Wellness Centre. We boast amenities like a coffee shop, IV Drip Bar and a full medical suite. With lush gardens, ample parking, reception services and a generator on site you got to be asking yourself why you aren’t part of our family of tenants?

Our space is very sought after so if you are interested in making Wellness on Alon your new home, kindly complete the Online Form to Waitlist and we will be in touch.

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