I started seeing Kareema about 2-3 years ago. I was severely anxious and depressed. I had turn to everything to help including antidepressants and tranquilizers. I reached a point where my anxiety was worsening. My mother had suggested going to see Kareema and I have never looked back. Taking myself off the medication was a extremely difficult period in my life. I used to have panic attacks daily. I was unable to drive.  I could hardly eat or sleep. I was burnout from a job that I hated. Since working with Kareema , my life has progressed positively. She has helped me to work through the my anxiety and depression without any medication. I no longer have attacks. I am confidently driving again. I am eating well and sleeping better than ever. I have also managed to complete a course and maintain a demanding job. She has given me all the tools I need to become the most authentic version of myself.

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