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Transformational Life Coach
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    Life Coach and Trauma Release Practitioner -Working with people towards healing is the greatest privilege


About Kareema

Kareema Mitha the Programme designer puts her experience as a therapist, life coach and TRE Provider for almost a decade – into this Programme. Knowing all too well the need for ‘feeling safe’ in a traumatised body Kareema designed this programme in a Wellness space that affords clients a safe, nurturing and non-judgemental space to work through traumas, anxieties and every day stresses – at a pace set through consultation.

Kareema runs a multi-faith practise and encourages clients to grow into a space of understanding themselves and embracing their own uniqueness.

Based on over a decade of experience in the corporate world as a Chartered Accountant (in another lifetime) – she fully understands the pressures of working in a corporate environment, as well as that of being a working mother and has brought that into this programme. Kareema believes that self-work allows people to free themselves of their past hurts and experiences and live the lives they know they were meant to live.

My own journey with TRE has allowed me to uncover long lost memories of abuse. The regular practise of this modality allowed me to then move from navigating my life from a ‘dissociative’ state to being wholly and fully present in my body. It is this inspiration that motivated me becoming a TRE Provider.

I hope to be able to facilitate many others restoring calm and inner peace to their nervous systems and becoming more available to themselves and their loved ones.

Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose is the first platform where our Centre Founder got to find her own fulfilment and feeling of wellbeing in this world. Kareema Mitha embraced service as her calling and started her practice in a small room outside her home. She incorporated her Life Coaching Qualification tools with the techniques that she used in her own journey towards releasing that which no longer served her and learning to love herself again.

Her Coaching Technique is warmly moulded to meet you where you are at. Her mindfulness tools and multi disciplinary approach facilitates you building self love, worthiness and spiritual growth to allow you to connect to your own power. Together we identify areas of development and focus on introducing bite size changes to allow you to step into your authentic powerful self.

Kareema’s Coaching and Wellness Programs are designed to reveal balanced, positive, prosperous beings who show up each day in their entirety; in awareness and harmony with what life presents for the day. There is much more to life than going to work and paying the bills.

At the heart of each of us lies something deeper and something more profound than any of us can ever imagine. There is a life force that propels everything forward, and it is the reason that everything exists.

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