Dr Essack Mitha

Medical Doctor
  • About Me :
    Assisting patients with their medical needs ranging from preventative medicine to curative medicine. We also perform IV Drip for various medical conditions


Essack qualified as a medical doctor at the University of KwaZulu Natal Medical School in 1998. After serving his internship and community service posts in Pretoria, he went on to obtain a Diploma in Obstetrics and Emergency Gynaecology.

Essack joined the Newtown Medical Practice in 2002 and established the Newtown Clinical Research Centre in 2004. He has co-founded a new clinical research site in 2020. Sandton Medical Research is based at Wellness on Alon, where Essack also runs a medical practice. The Medical practice at Wellness on Alon operates a comprehensive chronic disease management programme as well as a medical weight loss management programme and the bespoke stress and trauma programme

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