Medical Doctors

The Medical Doctors do the first physical consultation to identify underlying risks and medical concerns. Your nutrition and vitamin supplementation is based on their findings and recommendations.

The doctors also personally mix and administer your IV Drip therapy (part of the programme) based on your body’s needs and any bloodwork done. This means your body gets the best support you need for your healing.

Essack qualified as a medical doctor at the University of KwaZulu Natal Medical School in 1998. After serving his internship and community service posts in Pretoria, he went on to obtain a Diploma in Obstetrics and Emergency Gynaecology.

Essack joined the Newtown Medical Practice in 2002 and established the Newtown Clinical Research Centre in 2004. He has co-founded a new clinical research site in 2020. Sandton Medical Research is based at Wellness on Alon, where Essack also runs a medical practice. The Medical practice at Wellness on Alon operates a comprehensive
chronic disease management programme as well as a medical weight loss management programme and the bespoke stress and trauma programme

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