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What is Kinesiology?

“Kinesiology is a communication tool that enables a person to assess and upgrade their performance in all areas of their life. It is the science of energy balancing and is grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology. Kinesiology uses muscles as monitors of stress and imbalance within the body. Kinesiology enables people to detect and correct various imbalances that may relate to stress, nutrition, learning problems, minor injuries and other issues they meet in their daily life.” (ICPKP Definition)

How it Works

Muscle testing is a profound method that allows the Kinesiologist to access conscious, subconscious and body memory to identify the underlying cause of the outward symptom. This provides a real time evaluation of the mind, the body, the neurological systems, the endocrine and hormonal responses and the energy system. Access can also be attained to old negative behaviour patterns, emotions and memories.

Once imbalances or blockages in the systems are identified, muscle testing is again used to identify the best way of correcting the imbalance. Kinesiology works gently to resolve the underlying cause or issue that created the problem, as opposed to treating or suppressing the symptoms.

Kinesiology uses a wide variety of techniques that activate the body’s natural healing ability to create positive change and self-healing, leading to new perspectives and a more meaningful, healthy and fulfilled life. The different modalities provide a complete toolbox and all work on the model of the Triad of Health, namely that a person has a mental, emotional and physical component to them, which together contribute to their sense of well-being and expression of life. Touch for health (TFH)  approaches this from a more physical perspective, Emotional Kinesiology (EK) from an emotional one, and Neuro-Training from a mental, pattern perspective. Neural Organisation Technique (NOT), is like an overlay to all of them.

What can Kinesiology do for me?

Kinesiology has a significant impact on a wide range of health and well-being issues. It works with all types of life challenges, from physical pain, to emotional issues and everything in between. Kinesiologists are trained to work with you to help you thrive, be more successful, be at peace and stress free in all areas of your life.

Kinesiology can more specifically:

  • Enhance learning and help with ADHD
  • Boost sports performance
  • Eliminate emotional, physical, and mental stress
  • Help with finances and decision making
  • Pin-point and eliminate allergic reactions (IMRs)
  • Help overcome past trauma
  • Assist with addictions
  • Identify nutritional deficiency or excess
  • Help overcome fears and phobias
  • Aid the healing of muscle injuries
  • Improve sleep and help cure insomnia
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Eliminate anxiety and panic attacks
  • Assist with addictions
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