Covid Guidelines for Events at Wellness on Alon

Disinfection and cleaning of the relevant areas in the centre will be completed prior to setup.

Setup for sitting arrangements will comply with social distancing rules relevant to the stage communicated by government.

Sanitizers and sanitary wipes will be placed in different entrance areas of the centre.

Hand wash will be placed in all bathrooms and disposable paper towels will be provided.

Procedure on Arrival and Registration

  • Hands will be sanitised with Sanitisers provided
  • Temperatures will be recorded
  • All attendees must fill in register on each day including Name and Surname, Identity number and Contact information for Tracing purposes
  • Masks need to adorned
  • All yoga mats, towels and stationery need to be brought by attendees and sanitised prior to entry. No sharing of these items is permitted prior to sanitisation

Covid Briefing

Wellness on Alon representative will communicate Co-vid rules and regulations of the Wellness Centre to the client and her workshop attendees once everyone is seated.


The catering team will be sanitised properly and registered and checked on arrival. All tables and chairs will be wiped down prior to tea or lunch

Tea and Lunch Process

  • Based on the Government co-vid level at the time - food will be served and packaged individually, if applicable (at an additional cost - which will be communicated). Food orders will be sorted according to attendees requests. Bins will be available for disposal of disposable serving materials.
  • Where buffet is permitted, food will be covered appropriately and while dishing out from common buffet areas attendees and catering staff will be obliged to wear masks and sanitise prior to reaching the buffet area.
  • The training venue will be disinfected during tea and lunch time.
  • Before and after lunch/tea washing of hands and sanitisation will be required.

End of Event

All personal items out be removed from the venue space. The venue and the Wellness Centre common areas, bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected.

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