Good Karma Café

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Good Karma Café is a creative space aligned to the karmic concept – ‘What you put in is what you get out’ – Good Karma Café has come to life to provide nourishing meals for your body that support your wellbeing and lifestyle choices. Whether its calming CBD Brownies or Invigorating Essential Oil Shots we embrace eclectic palettes and show you how good food – tastes good too. Our homemade Organic Collagen Bone Broths and 7-day superfood take home smoothies make eating healthy – easy for you.

In line with our vision to assist our community and uplift, Good Karma Cafe supports local female owned home industries.

All our food is homemade and hand selected to offer your the best of the best.

Good Karma Cafe extends our karmic vision to provide food for your soul too. As we begin to embrace the fact that we are all interconnected we become more aware of the thoughts, words and actions we make.

We bring mindfulness to the fact that small acts of kindness and love go so much further than you realise and true to the principle of karma, it will always return to you.

To encourage and facilitate these quick good deeds – you can ‘Pay it forward’ with a kindness coffee for the next person who arrives at our café. Join our philanthropy coffee movement and contribute R2 with every cup of coffee you order towards ‘The Teddy Bear Clinic’ in support of abused children in South Africa.

Let’s start this Love Revolution!

Join the great karma exchange and become part of a community in which an exchange of constant, positive energy flows.

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