From a young age I trained and competed in Karate, but over time my passion for martial arts moved towards exploring and learning about many of the world’s religions and expressions of spirituality. I stumbled upon a hot yoga class in Cape Town in 2009, and was blown away by this incredible mind body practice.

After I left University I moved to South Korea for two years, where I resumed training in martial arts. When I returned to South Africa in 2013 I decided to start taking yoga classes regularly and quickly my interest in eastern traditions and philosophies fueled a passion for understanding yoga.

In February 2018 I traveled to Rishikesh in India to complete my 200 hour Ashtanga and Hatha yoga teacher training. Since starting my journey deepening my understanding of yoga, I cannot overestimate the benefits this has brought into my life, from mental focus and physical strength, to emotional resilience and compassion. I aim to create a space for connection, self expression, healing and growth for my students thorough strength, flow and balance focused classes. I believe that becoming centered, peaceful and in harmony with life is the true purpose of yoga. I hope to energise and be part of this shift in awareness of others.

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