Dr Selim Ahmed

Occupational Health Practitioner
  • About Me :
    Medical Doctor with a Diploma in Occupational health -more than 20 years experience in primary Health Care and more than 10 years experience in Occupation Health


With more than 10 years’ experience in Occupational Health and his Geral Practise Experience, Dr. Salim has experience in management of of all day to day and Chronic Ilnesses.

On the Occupational Health space he has extensive experience with health risk assessments, investigation of occupational diseases, design and implementation of medical surveillance and biological monitoring programs. As part of an international team and with the (NIOH) National Institute of Occupational Health he has experience in the development of novel medical surveillance programs, managed onsite primary and occupational care services and disability case management.

Dr. Salim is a valued and friendly member of our Medical Team

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