Riana van Wyk

B.Sc Hon (Biokinetics) NWU


Riana van Wyk founded Riana van Wyk Biokinetics in 2014 to better look after her clients. Riana graduated with a BSc Hons in Biokinetics and an undergraduate degree in Human movement science and nutrition in 2006. Riana offers you more than 17 years’ experience with qualifications in Advanced International Aquatic Therapy, certified watsu practitioner, Medicolegal practice and interdisciplinary pain management. Having extensive experience in hydrotherapy and land based therapy which Riana compliments with additional qualifications in taping, massage, orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation.

“I live with a chronic condition myself and therefore understand how a chronic disease or disability impacts on your daily activity, life roles and quality of life. I have walked a difficult but enriching journey over the last 10 years and can attest that I can empower you to become the best you can be. I enjoy working with special populations including auto-immune diseases, neurological degenerative diseases, chronic pain and special populations such as geriatrics and people with disabilities” says Riana.

Riana and her team use exercise as main treatment modality to assess functionality in your environment whether that includes an electrician needing to climb a ladder, a runner preparing for comrades or a patient with a movement disorder struggling to perform activity of daily living we so take for granted. In order to do this, they use the first appointment to perform an in depth clinical and scientific assessment to determine what you can and cannot do including posture, flexibility and range of motion, strength and dynamic postural stability. Your assessment will be done specific to your environment and a report will be put together with feedback. They stay in contact with your managing physician and other health professionals involved while maintaining patient confidentiality. From there they determine the length and number of sessions required.

• Chronic Pain Management
• Chronic Disease Management
• Special Populations
• Spinal Rehabilitation
• Medschemes Weight Management Programs
• Discovery Vitalites
Momentum Multiply Assessments

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