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    Areas of special interest & experience within health nutrition . Weight management, unintentional weight loss, eating disorders, and compromised immune system


I am a Registered private practicing Clinical Dietitian and Exercise Specialist. I obtained my Bachelor of Dietetics degree from the University of Pretoria (2013) and I completed my Diploma in Exercise Science at the Health and Fitness Professionals Academy (2014).

I have lectured nutrition at the Health and Fitness Professionals Academy and written articles for the Modern Athlete Magazine, for my Blog and have written sections in health and wellness books for Carpe Diem Media. I have also been the branch manager of EatForLife Bryanston and Fourways and a Wellness Specialist for Discovery.

I apply sound medical and scientifically evidence-based practice, which means I consult up to date, peer reviewed journals and textbooks and I regularly attend workshops to make sure I provide sound, safe and effective nutrition therapy.

My passion is living a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and staying active and helping and supporting others to be able to do the same. By taking care of yourself, exercising regularly, being active and making smart food choices, you will look and feel better every day.

I have a special interest in sports nutrition and nutrigenomics (DNA testing, which focuses on a gene-based personalized diet and lifestyle). I specialize in optimizing sport performance for individuals and athletes; weight management; improving health by eating healthily and preventing and managing, non-communicable diseases of lifestyle (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia etc); general health, wellness and well-being; medical and metabolic conditions; women’s health related conditions; managing nutrition through the life cycle; food allergies and intolerances; digestive problems and gastrointestinal diseases; eating disorders; and managing low energy & high stress levels etc.

I offer an individualized approach and consult with individuals, couples, and groups. And I participate in corporate health and wellness days.

I believe one should have a balance in life and strive towards a state of well-being. I am extremely passionate about what I do and pride myself on providing my clients with the necessary knowledge and skills to help them enjoy a healthy diet and lifestyle, which will ensure good health and habits for life.

Esmé is also linked to the DNA Analysis group as well as the 3×4 Genetics. Their websites are as follows http://www.dnalysis.co.za and www.3x4genetics.com

Here is the link to her website – http://www.wildabouthealth.co.za

Esmé is also linked to Discovery Health and can assist you with dietary assessments and earning Vitality Nutrition Points.

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