Lipocure Curelt

Curcumin extract is one of the most studied natural substances and it’s potency and efficacy are very well documented, with over 8000 published studies supporting it’s efficacy across many “ailments”. However, the universal challenge with Curcumin is that it is extremely poorly absorbed and many “tricks” are applied by users and manufacturers alike to try to increase it’s bio-availability. These “tricks” include mixing the curcumin with various oils or mixing it with lecithin to increase absorption or adding piperine (black pepper) to slow down it’s metabolism in the liver. Curelt has been developed using a patent pending technology that allows for a high curcumin content to be inserted into a complete natural turmeric matrix and the result surpasses all other curcumin. This is not simply mixing 2 ingredients together, as that would not influence the absorption due to the hydrophylic nature of the extract.

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