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Farouk Sydow – Founder of FitEvolution

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About Farouk Sydow

You might not know it, but we all start our overall health and fitness journey from the moment we are born. Most of us seem to forget about this along the way as life becomes more and more challenging with its constant change and new demands with modernisation.

Farouk Sydow, Fitpreneur and founder of FitEvolution, has over 22 years of experience within his field of sales, marketing and operations. Throughout his time spent in the corporate world, he came to understand the intense need for a modern solution to the challenge of working daily
exercise into the routines of those around him.

Our nation faces a severe threat as our statistics on obesity rises yearly with no alternative
solution in sight other than a massive change in our daily diet and the manner in which we
approach the topic of exercise. FitEvolution is a South African health and fitness platform
created with the sole purpose of evolutionising outdated solutions to daily health and fitness.
Unfortunately, there is no alternative to the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle, but there are
alternative, cost-effective solutions made available to us thanks to modern technology.

South African patriot, Farouk Sydow, found his purpose which is to make personal training, the
basics of meal planning and overall wellness accessible to all.

Services offered by Farouk Sydow

  • Personal 1-1 Virtual coaching
  • Premium Home-based training
  • Personalized programs
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Unlimited Group classes via FB live
  • Movement
  • Pre-habilitation Movement Patterns
  • Sports Massage Therapy Pre and Post Event
  • Speed Agility and Quickness
  • Specific Sports Conditioning

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