Massage Therapy


Releasing toxins

Given the numerous physical, mental and emotional benefits massage and physical touch bring to the human organism – Massage therapy has earned its space on our Programme.

Doctors have measured through tests such as MRIs that there are evident changes in the patterns of brain activity during touch. Certain types of endorphins that combat stress hormones are released when we are touched, and this results in a feeling of relaxation and peace.

Touch as a healing method is rooted in ancient history. Many Eastern and Western Civilizations found that massage therapy could heal injuries, relieve pain, reduce stress, prevent and cure illnesses. Massages promote the release of built-up toxins in your body causing numerous health problems.

In a time when we are globally social distancing, physical touch as a therapy cannot be underestimated.

Benefits of massage therapy

Massage increases blood flow

Massage increases blood flow to your joints and boosts your circulation throughout your body. This improved circulation helps increase your mobility and flexibility and is proven to improve arthritic pain.

Massage also increases serotonin levels

Massage also increases serotonin levels in an individual, which allows the body to reduce pain naturally. It is reported that at least a third of people who receive massage therapy experience less pain and stiffness. Increased Serotonin also improves insomnia.

Massage therapy lowers stress and reduces fatigue

Regular Massage therapy lowers stress, reduces fatigue, and decreases muscle tension and pain. These can be extremely difficult to live with on a daily basis. This in turn reduces the chances of experiencing tension headaches and migraines.

Massages effectively relax muscles

Massages effectively relax muscles and stiff joints and reduce inflammation within the body and therefore assists in improving the quality of life of those battling with Chronic pain. Massage can stimulate the production of the body’s natural lubricants to keep flexibility at a maximum and improves posture.

Sports massages

Sports massages are used to improve athletic performance by improving blood flow and warming up muscles before events.

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