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"Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life-changing but life-expanding"

Jen Williamson

Is your world feeling a bit in chaos?

Take control NOW by dotting down your thoughts, your inner fears!

Prioritize your goals for every day!

An awesome gift for one of your loved ones!

No better way to destress and wind down!

62 pages which will set you up for 2 months of daily journal entries.

A notes section on the reverse side of each page so you can make notes for yourself on a daily basis.

Two motivational pencils

A Day at a Time Journal (Ring Bound)


A Day at a Time Beloved (Laminated One-Pager)


Identify and override those negative thoughts with positive ones!

Capture your dreams on paper and refer back to them when you’re feeling down!

A laminated one-pager that you can write your entry on every day.

Comes with a dry erase marker so you are able to erase the previous day’s entry and start fresh every day.

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