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Humans have approached the concept of water for healing purposes through everything from religion to culture for centuries. The significance of water in our daily lives is undeniable, but how do we approach water? How do we approach our experiences with it?

Let’s look at changing your approach to water and charging your hydration with affirmations.

What will you need?

  • A glass of water, a bottle of water or any container that you feel happy drinking from.
  • A quiet place to sit and reflect.

We begin by sitting down with a glass of water, relaxing ourselves and holding the glass between our hands, being careful not to let our fingertips touch. You want to begin by focusing on positive thoughts and words of affirmation towards the water. The purpose of this is to turn the process of consuming water into a ritual of self-actualisation and affirmation. When creating habits like this around our consumption of water, we build opportunities for introspection and appreciation, both of ourselves and of the life-giving liquid we are enjoying.

Where to start, on what to think?

Ensure you maintain positive thoughts, keep your focus on things that are either beautiful or admirable. Move away from negative thoughts, every time you bring a negative thought into your space, either about someone else or about yourself, you are hurting your growth.

Uplifting words and ideas that celebrate and encourage yourself and others are essential and go a long way towards fostering positive energy.

Shift your perceptions towards the positive, look for the best in yourself and others, focus your energy

positive energy

on your love and gratitude and pair those thoughts with your water.

Look for something, within every situation, to be grateful for.

No matter how intense, stressful or horrible a situation may be, there is always a positive lesson or thought to take away from it. Situations that are negative also serve as opportunities for growth and the creation of strength, perseverance and determination, build on those strengths, take those feelings of achievement and growth and run with their positive implications and associations.

Sit with your glass or bottle of water ready and filter out your negative feelings and emotions by replacing them with those of appreciation and kindness, both to yourself and others.

Speak these words into the water, create build this experience into one that entwines and strengthens you and the water. Reflect on your thoughts, reinforce them and yourself, this process can take as long as you require it to. Identify the thoughts and feelings you want the water to carry and visualize them as you sit, holding your glass. Make sure the focus does not slip away from the affirmations and gratitude you wish the water to reflect and the experience to build.

If you are having trouble creating this vision, thinking about what you wish to alter or remove from your life can be a starting point, build from there towards your positive thoughts and your love and gratitude will flow.


You may feel that you struggle with motivation or that the thing you are trying to achieve is eluding you.

Create the space and opportunity in your thoughts for greater motivation and more opportunities to achieve, focus on the expansion of potential and move with those thoughts. If you are feeling blocked, ask yourself why, what is preventing me from becoming motivated, turn those blockages into opportunities to remove them from your life.

In all aspects of life, essences or not, if you focus on attempts to fix or alter the external world – your job, family, country, you will be wasting your time and energy.  Attempting to alter systems and others to suit your own needs is not something you have the power to do or the right, instead focus on your inner-self, something you can change, something you can alter and build into a beautiful and thriving thing.  The external world will demand a lot of our energy and drain our positivity if we allow it to do so, focus on yourself and your moment, pour the positivity of your own self-control into your thoughts.

When you are comfortable with the energy you are trying to create within the experience, build into it words and phrases of self-love, success, health, love, and gratitude. Coat the water with these thoughts and feelings and once you feel calm and ready, drink the glass, celebrating yourself and giving thanks for all you have achieved.

Masaru Emoto has published a New York bestseller The Hidden Messages In Water in which he explores water as a blueprint for our reality. Emoto asserts that emotional energies and vibrations can change the physical structure of water. He claims that exposing water to positive speech and thoughts results in the creation of visually pleasing crystals being formed when the water is frozen. Charging water prior to consuming with the vibration of positive words enhances the crystalline structure of the water. You can kick-start your positive water charging journey with our range of inspiring coasters, complete with positive words and phrases to set you off on a healthy start, you can find them here.

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